PROS to Hit Bittrex, One Step Closer to Mainstream

According to Pros Finance, the team has signed a partnership agreement with the U.S. Bittrex Exchange, and PROS(Pros Chain Coin) will be available for Bittrex trading in the near future.

Bittrex, the second largest digital currency exchange in North America, was incorporated in the US in 2014 and has since grown into an established, secure and convenient exchange. With an average daily turnover of more than $200 million, Bittrex ranks among the top 10 digital currency exchanges in the world.

The launch of Bittrex has sparked a new wave of buying by the global community. As a hot project in the cross-chain space, Pros Chain has never lacked enthusiasm. Pros Chain is a cross-chain project built by the Pros Finance development team based on Polkadot technology, but the Pros cross-chain project is not a rivalry with Polkadot, it is a cross-chain project built on Polkadot’s shoulders, taking the best of Polkadot and combining its own technical strengths to create new features. Pros Chains may become part of the Polkadot cross-chain ecosystem in the future, and may also participate in the Polkadot parallel slot auction.

Pros Swap, the first blockbuster project of the Pros Chain ecology, a cross-chain decentralized exchange, is taking shape. The development team’s combination of cross-chain and decentralized exchanges will result in a transformative product.

Pros Swap aims to create a platform with ultra-high TPS and very low transaction fees for easy cross-chain asset trading, while introducing Bancor solutions to provide high liquidity services for projects.

Pros Swap is the first well-built project in the Pros ecosystem. As a technology-oriented cross-chain platform, the future Pros Chain ecosystem will focus on supporting DApps to build cross-chain and DeFi applications such as NFT, Mortgage Lending, DAO Organization, Prophet, Privacy Tools, etc.

Earlier, Pros Chain development team announced a strategic investment from Cash Capital, TimestampVC, and now the launch of the Bittrex trading platform adds to the strength of the Pros. Pros Finance will leverage the capital, resources and traffic of the trading platform to attract more users to the Pros community and provide a greater driving force for the growth of the Pros community.