To all users:

Pros Finance is a decentralized system that integrates DeFi, DAO, NFT and cross-chain technology. Recently, NFT has become a trend for blockchain. With the unanimous decision of the members of Pros Finance Foundation, we decide to entry into NFT field and upgrade our project. As follows:

1. Upgrade the underlying technology of Pros Finance and transform it into a high-performance underlying public chain serving the development of the metaverse

2. Rename Pros Finance to VoVoBox and PROS to VOVO;

VoVoBox website:

3. PROS in exchanges will be swapped by a 1:10 ratio to VOVO automatically. Other PROS needs to be swapped manually, and the swapping process will be announced later.

4. The swapping starts from 2:00 PM, October 1st to 2:00 PM, October 31st 2021, (GMT+10).

Pros Finance Foundation

September 30, 2021


Pros Finance is an innovator in the cross-chain era with 2 EXCELLENT projects going on, Pros Chain&Pros Swap.

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